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Brian Warboys
Born (1942-04-30) April 30, 1942 (age 78)
OccupationProfessor of
Software Engineering,
University of Manchester (retired)
WebsiteBrian Warboys

Brian Warboys (born 30 April 1942), retired in September 2007. He was Professor of Software Engineering at the University of Manchester from 1985 until he retired. He was subsequently appointed as Professor Emeritus and continues to undertake research. Before joining the university he had worked for ICL. At the time the UK's largest computer manufacturer. During the 1970s he had been the chief designer of ICL's VME operating system.[1] He is also the author of several non-fiction books.[2]

ICL VME[change | change source]

Warboys worked for ICL from 1963 to 1985. During the 1970s, he was Chief Designer of VME. VME/B was an advanced operating system and was logical and straightforward to use. Amongst IT professionals it was deemed superior to IBM equivalents.

University of Manchester[change | change source]

Warboys was Professor of Software Engineering. He researched the development of techniques which enable dynamic evolution. This is the ability to change s/w whilst it is executing. It applied to the design of very large systems.[3] In 1991, he became the founder and principal of the Informatics Process Group (IPG) in the School of Computer Science. IPG was established to advance the application of Process Modelling. Between 1997 and 2002 he led the EPSRC funded Compliant Systems Architecture (CSA) projects.[4] Within Europe he has headed the Manchester operating system team on the ESPRIT-funded EDS project. He also led the IPG's involvement in the ESPRIT Basic Research Activity PROMOTER on software process modelling and technology. In 2001 he led the IPG's involvement in the Framework IV Basic Research Action PIE, process instance evolution. He later led the Archware project.[5] in which he was also joint technical coordinator.

Recognition[change | change source]

He was appointed the first ICL Fellow in 1984.[1]

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Academic offices
Preceded by
Howard Barringer
Head of the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester
Succeeded by
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