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Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model (known as BINTM) is a reality show in which several women compete as models. It is a spin-off from the series America's Next Top Model. The hosts are/were Lisa Butcher, Lisa Snowdown and recently Elle Macpherson. The show contains 9 seasons. A

Cycles[change | change source]

Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Third place Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants International Destination(s)
1 14 September 2005 Lucy Ratcliffe Edwina Joseph Jenilee Harris Marina Fallahi, Claire Hillier, Shauna Breen, Anne Kent (quit), Hayley Wilkins, Marisa Heath, Stephanie Jones, Naomi Teal, Tashi Brown 12 France
2 24 July 2006 Lianna Fowler Abigail Clancy Jasmia Robinson Yvette Stubbs, Nina Malone, Asha Hibbert, Lucy Flower, Sophia Price, Samantha Gerrard, Georgina Edewor-Thorley & Tamar Higgs, Sarah Butler, Amber Niemann 13 Morocco
3 2 July 2007 Lauren McAvoy Louise Watts Rebecca White Dani Lawrence, Krystal Hancock, Abigail Galatia, Natalie Nwagbo, Holly Alexander, Carly Thompson, Sherece Campbell, Lucy Bennett, Stefanie Webber 12 Brazil
Rio de Janeiro
4 21 April 2008 Alex Evans Catherine Thomas Stefanie Wilson Sophie Roberts, Musayeroh Barrie, Louise Heywood, Lauren Donaldson-Stanley, Lynzi Arnott, Lisa Fowler, Leanne Nagle & Martha Braddell, Aaron Hunt, Charlotte Denton, Rachael Cairns 14 South Africa
Cape Town
5 20 April 2009 Mecia Simson Sophie Sumner Jade McSorley Lisa-Ann Hillman, Lauren Wee, Chloe Cummings & Kasey Wynter, Madeleine Wheatley, Hayley Buchanan, Annaliese Dayes, Daisy Payne, Viola Szekely, Ashley Brown 13 Iceland
Buenos Aires
6 5 July 2010 Tiffany Pisani Alisha White Joy McLaren Hannah Goodeve (quit), Rachelle Harry, Susan Loughnane, Harleen Kaur Nottay, Delita Cole, Amba Hudson-Skye, Nicola Wright, Kirsty Parsons, Olivia Oldham-Stevens, Amelia Thomas, Charlotte Holmes 14 Spain
Kuala Lumpur
7 4 July 2011 Jade Thompson Justė Juozapaitytė Anastasija Bogatirijova & Imogen Leaver Kimberleigh Spreadbury & Joanne Northey, Ufuoma Itoje, Hannah Devane, Holly Higgins & Amy Woodman, Tanya Mihailovic & Stacey Haskins, Jessica Abide 13 Republic of Ireland
United States
8 9 July 2012[1] Letitia Herod Emma Grattidge Anita Kaushik Amelia Raven (quit), Emma Sharratt, Penelope Williamson, Tasmin Golding, Anne Winterburn, Kellie Forde, Jennifer Joint, Madeleine Taga, Roxanne O'Connor, Risikat Oyebade, Lisa Madden 14 United Arab Emirates
9 20 June, 2013 Lauren Lambert Sarah Kennedy Emma Ward Christina Chalk, Danielle Sandhu, Jessica Patterson, Abigail Johns, Laura Young, Emily Garner, Saffron Williams, Holly Carpenter, Angel Mbonu, Naomi Pelkiewicz, Sophie Ellson 14 Barbados
  • Note: In Cycle 7, Anastasija and Imogen were both eliminated before the finale, there were no exactly ranks given to each contestant.
  • Note: In Cycle 9, Emma and Sarah where eliminated both at the same time; no exactly ranks were given. They both remain as Runner-Ups.

British Invasion[change | change source]

Seven contestants from BNTM were competing against seven hopeful American models.

The returning contestants from Britain's Next Top Model and their placements for Cycle 18 are:

Previous Season Contestant Original Rank ANTM 18 Rank
Cycle 2 Jasmia Robinson 3rd 14th
Cycle 3 Louise Watts Runner-up 12th (quit)
Cycle 5 Ashley Brown 4th 10th
Cycle 4 Catherine Thomas Runner-up 6th
Cycle 6 Alisha White Runner-up 4th (quit)
Cycle 5 Annaliese Dayes 7th 3rd
Cycle 5 Sophie Sumner Runner-up Winner

References[change | change source]

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