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British Motor Corporation

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In September 1965, BMC took control of its major suppliers (of bodies), Pressed Steel, acquiring Jaguar's body supplier in the process.

In September 1966, BMC merged with Jaguar Cars Limited.[1]

On 14 December 1966, BMC changed its name to British Motor Holdings Limited or BMH.[2]

BMH merged in May 1968 with Leyland Motor Corporation Limited, which made trucks and buses and were owners of Standard-Triumph International Limited, BMH becoming the major part of British Leyland Motor Corporation.

Organisation[change | change source]

A BMC share certificate
A BMC ambulance
A 1963 Austin Mini Super-Deluxe
The Mini was BMC's all-time best seller.
A 1965 Riley 4/72

References[change | change source]

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