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British Rail Class 112

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British Rail Class 112
In service1960- 1969
Number built25 units
Operator(s)British Rail
Car length57 ft 6 in
Width9 ft 3 in
Maximum speed70 mph (112 km/h)
Weight29 tons 10 cwt
Prime mover(s)Rolls Royce of 238 hp

The Class 112 DMUs used the standard Cravens body used for Class 105s but had a single Rolls-Royce engine of 238 hp per car, and they were all formed into 'power twins'- two car sets with both vehicles powered.

There were two batches built, the first 50 vehicles (25 sets) had standard mechanical transmission via a gearbox and were allocated the Class 112. The second batch of 50 cars (25 sets) had hydraulic transmission, and became Class 113s.

The cars were built for services in the LMR Central Division and in the Liverpool - St Helens area, where the gradients in the Lancashire & Yorkshire area required more power. Both types also spent some time working from Cricklewood.

The gross weight of a set with all seats occupied was approximately 70 tons, giving 6.8 hp per ton. Empty, it was 8.1 hp/ton, which compared favourably with 5.7 hp/ton that the Cravens power/trailer had. Its sister class is the Class 113