British Rail Class 143

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British Rail Class 143 "Pacer"
In service1985 - 2021
ManufacturerAndrew Barclay and Walter Alexander
Family namePacer
Number built25
Number in service0
Number scrapped12
Formation2 car
Operator(s)Arriva Trains Wales
First Great Western
Line(s) servedBristol local lines, Valley Lines
Car length15.2 metres
Width2.7 metres
Maximum speed75mph
Weight26.3 tonnes
Prime mover(s)Cummins LTA10-R (Originally Leyland TL11)
Safety system(s)AWS, TPWS
Track gauge1435 mm (4 ft 8½ in)

The British Rail Class 143 is a diesel multiple unit, part of the Pacer family of trains introduced between 1985 & 1986. They originally worked around North East England but were later transferred to Wales.[1] The coaches are based on an Alexander bus body mounted on a chassis from a freight or Goods truck.[source?] Twenty-five units were built, numbered 143001-025 but later re-numbered 143601 - 143625.

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