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English Electric DELTIC prototype
English electric deltic at shildon.JPG
The nose end of DP1 at Locomotion
Type and origin
Power type Diesel-electric
Builder English Electric at Dick, Kerr Works, Preston
Serial number EE: 2003
Build date 1955
 • UIC Co'Co'
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Wheel diameter 3 ft 7 in (1.09 m)
Loco weight 106 long tons (108 t)
Prime mover Napier Deltic D18-25 (2 off)
Traction motors EE 526/A, 6 off
Cylinders 18 × 2
Transmission Diesel Electric
Train heating Stone-Vapor/Clarkson steam generator
Performance figures
Top speed 90 mph (140 km/h)
106 mph (171 km/h) from 1956
Power output 3,300 hp (2,500 kW)
Tractive effort 90 mph gearing: 60,000 lbf (266.89 kN)
106 mph gearing: 52,500 lbf (233.53 kN)
Railroad(s) British Railways
Power class Type 5
Number DP1
Official name DELTIC
Retired March 1961
Disposition to Science Museum, London, April 1963

DP1, or Prototype Deltic is a demonstrator locomotive built by English Electric in 1955. This locomotive resulted in 22 similar locomotives being ordered by British Rail, which became their Class 55.