British Science Association

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British Science Association
TypeProfessional organisation and registered charity
Registration no.212479
  • Wellcome Wolfson Building,
    165 Queen's Gate, London SW7 5HD[2]
Coordinates51°29′49″N 0°10′45″W / 51.497074°N 0.1791942°W / 51.497074; -0.1791942
Area served
UK, Worldwide
Key people
Chair: Lord Willetts
President: Professor Jim Al-Khalili
CEO: Katherine Mathieson
£2,908,598 (year ending Dec 2014)[2]

The British Science Association (BSA) promotes science. It was founded in 1831.[1] Until 2009 it was known as the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BA).[3] It is a charity.

The British Science Association's mission is to get more people engaged in science. It does this by organising projects.[4][5]

The British Science Association has their head office at the Wellcome Wolfson Building in Kensington, London. There are four regional staff elsewhere in the UK.[5] The British Science Association offers a wide variety of activities and events that recognize and encourage people to be involved in science.[6] These include the British Science Festival, British Science Week, the CREST Awards, Huxley Summit, Youth Pannle, Media Fellowships Scheme. There are regional and local events.[6]

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