Britney Spears conservatorship dispute

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The American pop singer Britney Spears was put in conservatorship in February 2008. The conservator was her father. Spears' conservatorship was from two 5150 psychiatric hospital admissions one month earlier that same year.[1] She wanted the restrictions removed because she wasn't allowed to have further kids. She couldn't even marry or remove her pregnancy stopping device.

Spears later testified that she was subjected to seven days per week constant stage work by her father and several others. The conservatorship rules forbade when she went off schedule. Britney had to also take lithium (normally given to those diagnosed with bipolar disorders). She compared the seven days per week schedule toward sex trafficking.[1]

The conservatorship was a short restriction at the start for Spears. It was later made permanent by her father and others. Spears spent three months shy of fourteen years in probate conservatorship limits (one for her finances, another for her own wellness and her health).[2] Los Angeles County's Judge Brenda Penny dissolved the Spears conservatorship limits on November 12, 2021.[3]

The Free Britney movement, an American social group that fought for Spears' conservatorship phase out, were celebrating after it really took place. Several celebrities were also happy the restrictions ended. They include Cher, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Mia Farrow, Missy Elliott and Cyndi Lauper.[4] Others supporting the restrictions' end were Spears' mother, her lawyer and Free Britney movements' members and Spears' fans. Many of these people said Spears had been objectified when the conservatorship was effective.

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