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Bruntál is a small city in the Czech Republic. 20,000 people live there.

Bruntál is in the Hrubý Jeseník mountains (part Nízký Jeseník).

Bruntál was probably built in 1223. Its name is in the Unicov Charter published by Přemysl Otakar I. Bruntal is the oldest Czech city with Magdeburg Rights, meaning a city that can have its own wall and judges. Přemysl Otakar I gave it these rights because of the gold, silver and other minerals from there.

Attractions[change | change source]

In Bruntál there are many places that tourists visit – for example, the Castle of Bruntál, the Decanal church of the Virgin Mary, Gabriel's house, Mildner's villa, Klippel's column.

Famous people from Bruntal[change | change source]

- Tereza Krones - Engelbert Adam - Jan Krištof Handke - Rudolf Templer - Viktor Heegr - Karl Anton Gebauer - Walter Gotschke - Emerich Machold

People who wrote about Bruntal were Erwin Weiser, Bruno Hans Wittek, Josef Lowag, Kurt Langer.

Schools[change | change source]

In the Brutal there are 5 primary schools and 6 intermediate schools. Since 2003, there are 2 universities.

Culture[change | change source]

In Bruntál there is one cinema, one theater, and one cultural building.