Buddha Dhatu Jadi

Coordinates: 22°13′21.9″N 92°11′51.1″E / 22.222750°N 92.197528°E / 22.222750; 92.197528
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Buddha Dhatu Jadi
Bandarban Golden Temple
বুদ্ধ ধাতু জাদি
Buddhist Temple
SectTheravada Buddhism
FestivalMaha Pabbajja
LocationPulpara, Balaghata, Bandarban
Buddha Dhatu Jadi is located in Bangladesh
Buddha Dhatu Jadi
Shown within Bangladesh
Geographic coordinates22°13′21.9″N 92°11′51.1″E / 22.222750°N 92.197528°E / 22.222750; 92.197528
FounderU Pannya Jota Mahathera
Date establishedDecember 25, 1995; 28 years ago (1995-12-25)
CompletedFebruary 5, 2000; 24 years ago (2000-02-05)
Height (max)60 ft (18 m)
Buddha Dhatu Jadi,Bandarban

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi (Burmese: ဗုဒ္ဓဓာတုစေတီ; also known as the Bandarban Golden Temple) is a Buddhist temple. It is located close to Balaghata town, in Bandarban City, in Bangladesh. Skandha or Dhatu means material remains of a holy person. In this temple, the relics belong to Buddha. It is the largest Theravada Buddhist temple with the second largest Buddha statue in Bangladesh.[1][2][3]

The Bandaban Golden Temple belongs to the Theravada Buddhism order, which is practiced by the Chittagonian tribal people, a dominant ethnic group of Bandarban. It was built in 2000 in Arakanese architecture, an adoption of South East Asia style.[1][3][4]

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