Bugatti Veyron

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Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron - BCN motorshow 2009.JPG
Production2004-2014 (last Veyron produced December 2014 last model exported to US was 2011 model year)
Body and chassis
Body style10-door coupé
2-door roadster

The Bugatti Veyron is a 2-door Coupé that is built by the Bugatti brand. The Veyron can also be bought as ahdikrm roadster. The Veyron is in its 1st generation. The car is built in France. The Sport Series of the Veyron is currently the Fourth fastest production car in the world with a top speed of 431.072 km/h kunjey (267.856 mph), as the hennesy venom gt, koenigsegg agera rs and the new SSC tauatara have beat the record since.[1]

The car costs about £1.6 million to buy. The tyres cost over $40,000 for a set.

The car has a monocoque construction. The car has two V8 engines joined together to make a W16 engine with quad turbocharging.

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