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Joe Biden speaking at The Pentagon in February 2021

The Build Back Better Plan is a plan suggested by US President Joe Biden. It suggests ways of putting money into infrastructure and thoughts on creating 10 million more environment helping jobs. The money suggested would also be used for housing, healthcare, education and pay fairness if the plan goes into place.[1]

Points in the plan[change | change source]

The plan's official points are:

  1. "Build a Modern Infrastructure"[2]
  2. "Position the U.S. Auto Industry to Win the 21st Century with technology invented in America"[2]
  3. "Achieve a Carbon Pollution-Free Power Sector by 2035"[2]
  4. "Make Dramatic Investments in Energy Efficiency in Buildings, including Completing 4 Million Retrofits and Building 1.5 Million New Affordable Homes" [2]
  5. "Pursue a Historic Investment in Clean Energy Innovation"[2]
  6. "Advance Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation" [2]
  7. "Secure Environmental Justice and Equitable Economy Opportunity"[2]

The plan calls for $2 trillion in spending over four years.[2]

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