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Bungie Studios is an American video game developer. They are most famous for developing the award winning Halo series of video games. They also made Destiny. The studio was founded in May 1991 under the name Bungie Software Products Corporation by two students of the University of Chicago, Alex Seropian (Eng.) rus. and Jason Jones (Eng.) rus.. Originally based in Chicago, the company focused mainly on developing games for Macintosh computers and in the first 9 years of its existence created two successful series of games - Marathon and Myth, while Bungie West - a division of Bungie on the West Coast of the United States - was developing Oni games for PC and consoles.

In 2000, Bungie was acquired by Microsoft, and the Halo: Combat Evolved project, which was in development at that time, was reoriented to the upcoming Microsoft console — Xbox. The game was included in the console's starter game package, and subsequently became the so-called "killer application" of the Xbox platform, selling millions of copies and bringing billions of dollars in profits. Bungie has been releasing Halo series games for several years, but on October 5, 2007, it announced its independence from Microsoft, becoming a private company of Bungie (LLC); at the same time, the rights to Halo remained with Microsoft. In return, Bungie signed a contract with another game publishing company, Activision, in 2010, developing and releasing the multiplayer games Destiny (2014) and Destiny 2 (2017). In 2019, Bungie announced the end of the contract with Activision, expressing its intention to release further Destiny series games independently.[1]

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