Bungo Channel

Coordinates: 32°54′32″N 132°15′00″E / 32.909°N 132.25°E / 32.909; 132.25
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The Bungo Channel (豊後水道, Bungo Suidō) is a strait separating the Japanese islands of Kyūshū and Shikoku. It connects the Pacific Ocean and Seto Inland Sea.[1] The narrowest part of this channel is the Hōyo Strait.

The Bungo Strait is featured in the 1958 World War II submarine film Run Silent, Run Deep. The movie is based upon the 1955 novel by Edward L. Beach, Jr.[2]

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32°54′32″N 132°15′00″E / 32.909°N 132.25°E / 32.909; 132.25