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Burning is the process of combustion, a reaction between a substance (the fuel) and a gas (the oxidizer).

Burn, burning or burned can mean:

  • Burn, injury to the skin caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, or radiation
  • Burn (stream), in Scotland and north-eastern England, a type of stream which is smaller than a river
  • Burn (computer game), a first-person shooter computer game released in 2007
  • Burn, a village in North Yorkshire, England
  • Burn and Burn Sugar Free, energy drinks by Coca-Cola
  • Burn in, to exercise components (such as electronics) before putting them into service
  • Burning, a self-sustaining thermonuclear (nuclear fusion) reaction
  • Burning, the recording process for various technologies based on compact discs or DVDs
  • Burning-in, a manipulation during photographic enlargement to darken selected areas of the final print
  • Burned (image), an image with highlights or shadows considerably outside the medium's gamut
  • Execution by burning, an execution by fire, usually by being burnt to death on a pyre
  • Indian burn, common school prank also called a Chinese burn
  • Burn notice, an official statement issued between intelligence agencies stating that an individual or a group is or has become unreliable.

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