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Internally parked buses at a bus depot in Moscow, Russia
Externally parked buses at a bus depot in Gillingham, Kent

A bus garage or bus depot is a place where buses are stored and repaired. Bus garages can also be called a bus depot but in some countries a bus depot can also mean a bus station. In many areas, bus garages are on the site of former tram sheds, where trams were stored, before they were replaced with buses. In other areas, garages were built to replace horse-bus yards.

The largest bus depot in the world is Millennium Park Bus Depot In Delhi India.[1][2]

Most bus garages will contain:

  • Internal parking - Buses and recovery vehicles will be parked inside the garages
  • External parking - Staff cars and some buses can be parked outside of the bus garages
  • Fueling point - For putting petrol or diesel in buses
  • Fuel storage tanks - For storing fuel
  • Engineering section - To fix and repair buses
  • Inspection pits - A pit in the ground, To look under and fix under buses
  • Bus wash
  • Brake test lane - To test the brakes on buses
  • Staff canteen/break room
  • Administration office

Garages may also contain recovery vehicles.

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