Busker Busker

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Busker Busker
Busker Busker in February 2012
Busker Busker in February 2012
Background information
OriginCheonan, South Korea
Genrespop rock, soft rock, indie rock, folk rock
Years active2011–present
LabelsChungchun Music, CJ E&M Music and Live
MembersJang Beom-Jun
Kim Hyung-Tae
Brad Moore

Busker Busker (Korean: 버스커 버스커) is a Korean indie band which got their popularity in Superstar K, one of the most famous audition programs in South Korea. The band is composed of three members now: Jang Bum-jun (guitarist and vocalist), Kim Hyung-tae (bassist), and Bradely Ray Moore (drummer). They won the second prize in Superstar K season 3, and then they officially released their own debut album on 29 March 2012.

History[change | change source]

The three members were in the same university; Jang and Kim were students of Animation Art and Brad was an English professor in Sang-myung University located in Cheonan. They named the band as Busker Busker because they performed on the street to the public in Cheonan. They went to Seoul in order to share their music talents with more people, especially in Hong-dae which is a favorite place for many indie musicians in Korea. As they got popular among people, they participated in Superstar K of M-net on April, 2011. Actually there were more members in the band but composition was somewhat unsettled. As the three of them could adjust their schedules and started to be aired on TV, Busker Busker has been fixed as trio band.

They could pass the preliminary stage as performing their own song "Ideal Type". In Super-week, they performed K-pop song "Coming-of-age ceremony" but they failed to pass the rival mission with 2-Month (투개월) singing "Juliet". However, one of the Top 10 band, Yeri-Band left the lodging without permission during training period. As there happened to be a vacancy in Top 10, Busker Busker was newly selected as one of the top 11, with Haze. As they sang several songs on the live stages including "Tokyo girl", "People in Seoul" and "Makgerlina", they got extremely popular and most of their songs were ranked highest in music charts. Although Ulala Session got the title of the competition, they kept their popularity after the Audition.

Busker Busker has released their first regular album, Busker Busker 1st album, on March 29th, 2012. The songs in the album, which were all written by their own, hit all kinds of K-pop chart including "Cherry Blossom Ending", "First Love", and "Yeosu Night Sea". The album sold over a million, and the next album Busker Busker 1st Finale has also been loved since it was released on June 21st. They ended their first promotional activities for the albums after finishing their first concert, Youth Bus, on June 22nd and 23rd.