By-elections to the 32nd Canadian Parliament

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By-elections to the 32nd Canadian Parliament were held to fill vacancies in the House of Commons of Canada between the 1980 federal election and the 1984 federal election. The Liberal Party of Canada led a majority government for the entirety of the 32nd Canadian Parliament, though their number did decrease from by-elections.

27 seats became vacant during the life of the Parliament. 12 of these vacancies were filled through by-elections, and 15 seats remained vacant when the 1984 federal election was called.

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Retained
Mission—Port Moody August 29, 1983 Mark Rose      New Democratic Party Gerry St. Germain      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
Central Nova August 29, 1983 Elmer M. MacKay      Progressive Conservative Brian Mulroney      Progressive Conservative Resignation to provide a seat for Mulroney Yes
Brandon—Souris May 24, 1983 Walter Dinsdale      Progressive Conservative Lee Clark      Progressive Conservative Death (kidney failure) Yes
Broadview—Greenwood October 12, 1982 Bob Rae      New Democratic Party Lynn McDonald      New Democratic Party Resigned to become leader of New Democratic Party of Ontario Yes
Leeds—Grenville October 12, 1982 Tom Cossitt      Progressive Conservative Jennifer Cossitt      Progressive Conservative Death (heart attack) Yes
Timiskaming October 12, 1982 Bruce Lonsdale      Liberal John A. MacDougall      Progressive Conservative Death (car accident) No
Spadina August 17, 1981 Peter Stollery      Liberal Dan Heap      New Democratic Party Called to the Senate No
Joliette August 17, 1981 Roch La Salle      Progressive Conservative Roch La Salle      Progressive Conservative Resignation to contest the 1981 Quebec election Yes
Lévis May 4, 1981 Raynald Guay      Liberal Gaston Gourde      Liberal Resignation Yes
London West April 13, 1981 Judd Buchanan      Liberal Jack Burghardt      Liberal Resignation Yes
Cardigan April 13, 1981 Daniel J. MacDonald      Liberal W. Bennett Campbell      Liberal Death Yes
Hamilton West September 8, 1980 Lincoln Alexander      Progressive Conservative Stan Hudecki      Liberal Resignation No

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