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TypeVR Platform
InventorVrmeco LLC
ManufacturerNeurosync Laboratories LLC

C-Infinity VR platform is developed by Neurosync Laboratories LLC, built upon a patented Joystick Chair technology to improve VR gaming. [1] This neuro-digital interface aims to reduce nausea, a common issue with VR, by enhancing how users move within virtual environments, leading to a more enjoyable VR experience.[2]

Effectivness in reducing nausea[3]

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The C-Infinity VR platform has been studied for its potential to reduce nausea, a common issue associated with virtual reality (VR) usage. A published study[2] has specifically examined the design and its impact on mitigating the effects of motion sickness during VR sessions. The study's findings suggest that the C-Infinity VR platform can significantly decrease the incidence of nausea, enhancing the user's VR experience. This is attributed to the it's ability to simulate natural motion, thereby aligning physical movements with the VR environment and reducing sensory mismatches that often lead to nausea.[4][3][5][6]


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