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CAE Global Academy Phoenix
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CAE Global Academy Phoenix (formerly Sabena Airline Training Center) is a private flight school (airline pilot training) in Mesa, Arizona, USA.[3] The school is located at Falcon Field airport and has 49 aircraft including 15 Diamond DA20-C1,[4] 10 Diamond DA40, 4 Diamond DA42-L360, 11 Piper Archer, 8 Piper Arrow and one Beechcraft 90. The school has also three flight simulators.

History[change | change source]

In 1991, Belgian government gives the École d’aviation civile created in 1953 to Sabena airline. It is renowned first Belgian Aviation School[5] and then Sabena Air Training Center. The same year, it was decided to carry out practical training in flight to Phoenix in U.S.A because the weather in Arizona allows flights 365 days per year in a high and complex air traffic.[6] Following that decisions, the school is created as a subsidiary of Sabena Flight Academy and under the name of Sabena Airline Training Center. In 2008, following the absorption of the Belgian school by CAE, the US subsidiary is also purchased. The school becomes part of the CAE Global Academy network and is renamed CAE Global Academy Phoenix.

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