CC (cat)

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CC the first cloned cat, age 2, with her owner, Shirley Kraemer, in College Station, Texas
BreedDomestic shorthair
Born(2001-12-22)December 22, 2001
College Station, Texas
DiedMarch 3, 2020(2020-03-03) (aged 18)
College Station, Texas
Known forFirst cloned pet

CC, for "CopyCat" or "Carbon Copy"[1] (December 22, 2001 – March 3, 2020), was a brown tabby and white domestic shorthair and the first cloned pet.[2]

She was cloned by scientists at Texas A&M University.[3]

In 2004, Genetic Savings and Clone would go on to produce the first commercially cloned pet, a Maine Coon cat named "Little Nicky" who was cloned from a 17 year old deceased pet cat.[4]

On March 3, 2020, CC died at 18 years in College Station, Texas.[5]

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