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CGP Grey
Personal information
BornNew York, U.S.
NationalityAmerican and Irish
ResidenceLondon, England
YouTube information
Years active2010–present
GenreEdutainment and Education
Subscribers4.32 million+ (CGP Grey)
175,000+ (CGPGrey2)
39,400+ (CGP Play)
Total views551,936,637+ (CGP Grey)
8,463,296+ (CGPGrey2)
617,256+ (CGP Play)
Associated actsHello Internet, Brady Haran, Myke Hurley, Relay FM, Cortex
Subscriber and view counts updated as of 16 May 2020.

CGP Grey is an American-Irish podcaster and educational YouTuber who created the podcast Hello Internet with fellow educational YouTuber Brady Haran. Since 2015, he also hosts the audio podcast Cortex with Myke Hurley of Relay FM[1]. In addition to podcast production, Grey is known for posting on YouTube under the channel CGP Grey[2]. His YouTube channel mainly features short explanatory videos on varying subjects, including politics, geography, economics, history, culture, and recently death[3]. The channel's most popular video is an explanation of the terminology of the British Isles[4]. Grey's videos have received increasing attention, having been covered by several publications, including Business Insider and The Washington Post[5][6].

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