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CITV logo from 2003 to 2006

CITV is a British programming block and television channel. It was broadcast by Sky Digital, Virgin Media, and Freesat. It was released on 17 December 1981. It became available on Freeview in May 2006. It was also released on Sky in May and NTL on 6 June. Both the analogue and the Sky versions were released on Virgin Media's Virtual Menu on 19 May 2007. The analogue version was removed from the platform in 2011 and only the Sky version remained available on the platform's Virtual Menu. Today, it is a programming block on ITV2, replacing teleshopping.

At 9:00 PM on 1 September 2023, the CITV channel stopped broadcasting (playing TV shows).[1][2][3]

Programming[change | change source]

  • Horrid Henry
  • Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids
  • Sooty (2011)
  • Supernormal
  • Oddbods (Shorts TV series)
  • Pip Ahoy
  • Jungle Run
  • Dr Panda
  • Lily's Driftwood Bay
  • Hope Works
  • Postman Pat
  • CKN Toys
  • Grace's World (Barbie series)

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