COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam

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COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam
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Map of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam:

(as of 21 February 2021):

  Confirmed 10–99
  Confirmed 100–999
  Confirmed 1.000-9.999
  Confirmed 10.000-99.999
  Confirmed ≥ 100.000
Virus strainSARS-CoV-2
First outbreakWuhan, Hubei, China
Index caseHo Chi Minh City
Arrival date23 January 2020
(3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days)
Confirmed cases2,383[1]
Government website

The COVID-19 pandemic spread to Vietnam on 23 January 2020, when its first known case of COVID-19 was reported.[2]

As of 21 February 2021 the country had 2,383 confirmed cases, 1,717 recoveries, and 35 deaths. More than 1.7 million tests have been performed.[3] Hai Duong, as of February 2021 is the most-affected province with 647 confirmed cases.[1]

Cases[change | change source]

On 23 January, Vietnam confirmed the first two cases of COVID-19, a Chinese man (#1) travelling from Wuhan to Hanoi to visit his son who lived in Vietnam, and his son (#2), who was believed to have contracted the disease from his father. They were hospitalized in Ho Chi Minh City.[4] On 29 January, the son fully recovered and was discharged.[5] His father was discharged on 12 February.[6]

From 17 to 23 April, no new cases were confirmed.[7][8] However, there were reports of cases who tested positive again after being discharged.[9][10] On 24 April, two more cases were confirmed: both were Vietnamese students who came back from Japan and quarantined on arrival.[11]

Government response[change | change source]

Coronavirus pandemic phases in Vietnam[12][13]
Stage Number of case Description
Phase 1 (23 January – 25 February 2020) 16 Cases reported are usually people who have had travel history to China.
Phase 2 (6 – 19 March 2020) 69 The virus has spread globally, many cases reported are from other countries but it is still easy to trace spread and quarantine.
Phase 3 (20 March – 21 April 2020) 183 Infections in community, many cluster begins to appeared in high-density areas. The source of the infection is untraceable.
Phase 4 (22 April 2020 – ongoing) 20 Even after the consistently decreasing rate of cases from community transmission, health officials remain cautious for importing a second wave through international travelers.

Praise[change | change source]

Vietnam has been seen by the global media as having one of the best-organised epidemic control programs in the world,[14] along with Taiwan and South Korea.[15]

Despite not having the latest technology, the country's response to the outbreak has received praise for its quick response.[16][17][15][18]

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