CTV Television Network

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CTV Television Network
Type Broadcast television network
Country Canada
Availability Canada (via cable or antenna)
Founded by Spence Caldwell
Slogan Naturally CTV
Owner Bell Canada
(Bell Media Inc.)
Key people John Raisman, President, Programming and Sports
Rick Brace, President, Production
Wendy Freeman, President, News
Mike Cosentino, Senior Vice-President, Programming
Launch date October 1, 1961
Former names Canadian Television Network (CTN) – pre-launch name
Sister channels CTV Two
Official website CTV

CTV Television Network (commonly referred to as CTV) is a Canadian English language television network.

Slogans[change | change source]

  • 1961–1966: "This is CTV"
  • 1966–1967: "The Colour Network"
  • 1967–1974: "It's Happening on CTV"
  • 1968–1969: "Pleasure Isle" (TV promos only)
  • 1974–1985: "For Those Who Want It All"
  • 1985–1987: "CTV Entertains You"
  • 1987–1988: "You'll See it All on CTV"
  • 1988–1989: "The Choice of Canadians"
  • 1989–1990: "Watch Yourself on CTV"
  • 1990–1994: "Tuned In To You"
  • 1994–1997: "This Is CTV"
  • 1997–2005: "Canadian Television"
  • 2003–2005: "Canada's Watching" (alternate slogan)
  • 2005–2009: "Canada's #1 Network"

CTV Two[change | change source]

Since the 2007 acquisition of A-Channel by CTVglobemedia as part of the takeover of CHUM Limited, media analysts had speculated that CTV may potentially extend its market-leading CTV brand to that network. It was first rebranded as "A" in 2008, then as "CTV Two" on August 29, 2011.