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A Cabinet is a group of important people in a government, who normally represent the head of government. It is also known as the Council of Ministers or the Executive Council. They are part of the executive branch of government. People in the cabinet are called ministers or secretaries, and they do different things, such as look after the environment.

In most countries with parliamentary systems, the cabinet decides the government's policy. In other countries, such as the United States, the cabinet has limited power, and is an advisor to the Head of Government. In some countries, cabinet members are given their jobs by those who are in the government.

Many years ago the cabinets were called Privy Councils. The cabinet of today came about during the time that George I and George II were Kings of England.

In some European countries, the term "cabinet" is used to mean the assistants of an important politician.

In the UK and some Commonwealth countries, the Shadow Cabinet are the leaders of the main opposition party in a parliament.

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