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Cabinet of Afghanistan

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The Cabinet of Afghanistan is the executive power of the government of Afghanistan. It is made of the heads of government ministries.

The Cabinet of prime minister Akhund is in power, as of 2023.

Amrullah Saleh is the leader of the "government in exile"; Afghanistan's embassy in Switzerland said that, and media told about that on September 30.[1]

Cabinet[change | change source]

Ministers of the Islamic Emirate are:

Position Name Image Status
Prime minister Akhund, Hasan
Time in power: [In 2023's third quarter, he came back to power.] He also was in power during September 2021 to [May 2023. Someone else had power during May–July 2023.] Akhund is acting or interim (primeminister).[2][3] When he came to power, the Taliban were already in military control of most of the country; Hibatullah Akhundzada is still the chief of Taliban (as of 2021).
Interior minister Haqqani, Sirajuddin
In September 2021, he became head of Ministry of Interior Affairs[4]
Foreign minister Muttaqi, Amir Khan
From September 2021; acting or interim.[2][4]
Finance minister Akhund, Nasir In power, as of 2023's third quarter; head of ministry of finance.
Economy minister Hanif, Din Mohammad Since September 2021[5]
Defense minister Yaqoob, Mohammad
Since September 2021[4]
Justice minister Ishaqzai, Abdul Hakim
Since September 2021[6]
Minister of Commerce and Industry Azizi, Nooruddin Since 2021. His ethnicity is Tajik.[7]
Information and culture minister Khairkhwa, Khairullah
Since September 2021[6]
Education minister Munir, Noorullah Acting or interim, since August 2021[5]
Higher education minister Haqqani, Abdul Baqi Acting or interim, since August 2021[8]
Hajj [or pilgrimage] minister Saqib, Noor Mohammad Since September 2021[5]
Border and tribal affairs minister Noori, Norullah
Since September 2021[5]
Rural rehabilitation and development minister Akhundzada, Mohammad Younus Since September 2021[5]
Public works minister Omari, Abdul Manan Since September 2021[5]
Mines and petroleum Minister Akhund, Mohammad Isa Since September 2021[5]
Water and energy minister Mansoor, Abdul Latif Since September 2021[5]
Aviation and transport minister Akhundzada, Hamidullah Since September 2021[5]
Telecommunication minister Haqqani, Najibullah Since September 2021[5]
Refugees minister Haqqani, Khalil Since September 2021[5]
Religious observances minister (or minister for the propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice) Khalid, Sheikh Mohammad Since September 2021[5]
Agriculture, irrigation and livestock minister Rashid, Abdul Rahman
Since 2021
Public health minister Ibad, Qalandar (as of 2021's third quarter)[9]

Deputy ministers and directors are[change | change source]

Position Name Image Status
Deputy prime minister Baradar, Abdul Ghani
From September 7, 2021; acting or interim.[2][3] He "has [...] gone missing", said journalist Emma Graham-Harrison on September 14.[10]
[Second] deputy prime minister Hanafi, Abdul Salam
From September 7, 2021; acting or interim.[2][3]
Chief of intelligence Wasiq, Abdul Haq
From 2021; acting or interim.[5]
Deputy minister of defense "Zakir", Abdul Qayyum From September 2021; acting or interim
Deputy minister of information and culture Mujahid, Zabiullah From September 2021; acting or interim


As of [the third quarter of] 2021, the Taliban government does not have "formal recognition by the majority of [countries in the world, or] the international community".[11]

Women can not be a part of the Cabinet, the Taliban said in early September.[12]

Former ministers[change | change source]

Ministers of the Islamic Emirate who have quit or who changed job in the Cabinet of Afghanistan, are:

Position Name Image Status
Prime minister (acting) Kabir, Abdul Time in power: May–July 2023
Finance minister Badri, Hidayatullah Came to power: September 2021[6]
Finance minister Gul Agha Ishakzai From August [to September] 2021[13][14]
Defense minister Abdul Qayyum "Zakir" From August [to September] 2021; acting or interim[15]
Education minister Hemat Akhundzada From August [to September] 2021[16]
Interior minister Ibrahim Sadr From August [to September] 2021[14]
Public health minister Wahid Majrooh Time in power ended September 2021;[9] Earlier in September 2021, he was the only minister from the government of prime minister Ghani, that still showed up at work in Kabul.[17][18] He became acting (or interim) minister in January 2021.[19]

Cabinet of Ashraf Ghani[change | change source]

In August 2021 the Cabinet of Ashraf Ghani lost power over most of the country, and president Ghani escaped from Afghanistan on 15 August 2021.

As of 17 August 2021, Amrullah Saleh has the highest position of elected politicians that had not resigned or escaped from the country.[20]

President Ashraf Ghani
In August 2021 he escaped from Afghanistan, during the Fall of Kabul. He is no longer a part of the politics of Afghanistan; media said that on September 30.[21]
Vice president Amrullah Saleh
In February 2020 he started as vice president.
Second Vice President Sarwar Danish
Foreign minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar
Time in power: from April 2020;[22] he escaped from Afghanistan, in August 2021.
Defense minister Bismillah Khan Mohammadi
In June 2021 he started as defense minister.[23](acting or interim[24])
Interior minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal From 19 June 2021[25] to 15 August 2021
Finance minister Khalid Painda From January 2021 - August 2021[26][27][28]
Attorney General Farid Hamidi 2016–2021
Education minister Rangina Hamidi Time in power: from 2020

The Cabinet of Afghanistan was made of the heads of all the government ministries.

Earlier ministers of the Ashraf Ghani cabinet[change | change source]

First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum
Time in power: 2014–2020
Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah
First Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Khan 2014–2020
Second Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Mohaqiq 2014–2020
Foreign minister Atiqullah Atifmal December 2014 – February 2015 (acting or interim)
Foreign minister Salahuddin Rabbani
Foreign minister Idrees Zaman 2019–January 2020 (acting or interim)
Foreign minister Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri January 2020–April 2020 (acting or interim)
Defense minister Mohammed Masoom Stanekzai
until June 2016 (acting or interim)
Defense minister Abdullah Habibi
Defense minister Tariq Shah Bahramee
Defense minister Asadullah Khalid
2018 until June 2021
Interior minister Mohammad Ayub Salangi
December 2014 - January 2015
Interior minister Nur ul-Haq Ulumi
2015 — 2016
Interior minister Taj Mohammad Jahid 120px 2016 — 2017
Interior minister Wais Barmak 2017–2018
Interior minister Amrullah Saleh
December 2018 — January 2019
Interior minister Masoud Andrabi January 2019 — March 2021
Interior minister Hayatullah Hayat 120px March 2021 — June 2021

The Cabinet of Hamid Karzai, was the cabinet before the Ashraf Ghani cabinet.

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