Cabrini–Green Homes

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The abandoned rowhouses in Cabrini-Green

Cabrini–Green Homes was a public housing project on the Near North Side of Chicago, Illinois. The Francis Cabrini Rowhouses and Extensions were in the Cabrini–Green neighborhood.[1]

Cabrini-Green was home to 15,000 people,[2] mostly living in mid- and high-rise apartment buildings. Crime in the area caused poor living conditions for many residents. "Cabrini-Green" became a well known example for problems caused by public housing in the United States. In 1995, CHA began tearing down mid- and high-rise buildings, with the last demolished in 2011.[3] Today, only the original, two-story rowhouses remain.

The area has been rebuilt through the building of high-rises and townhouses, causing it to become a mixed-income neighborhood.[2]

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