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FormerlyCadillac Automobile Company
PredecessorHenry Ford Company
FoundedAugust 22, 1902; 121 years ago (1902-08-22) in Detroit, U.S.
FateAcquired by General Motors in 1909 [1]
Area served
United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Europe, Kazakhstan, Middle East (excl. Iran and Syria), China (excl. Hong Kong and Macau), South Korea, Japan
Key people
Steve Carlisle, President, Cadillac
ProductsLuxury vehicles
ParentGeneral Motors
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Cadillac, officially the Cadillac Division of the General Motors Company, is a luxury car maker, owned by General Motors. During the 20th century, Cadillacs were so highly thought of that the phrase "the Cadillac of x" was coined, meaning that something of excellent quality and better than everything else in its category.

The company is one of the oldest car companies and was founded in 1902. By the 1950s and 1960s, it had become famous for making high-quality and luxurious cars, often setting the standard for automotive styling. Cadillac had largely declined by the 1980s and lost much of its market to other companies. Since the early 2000s, Cadillac has regained some of its lost reputation. However, it is not the same company it once was. Cadillac is based in Detroit, Michigan. Many of its cars are available as a V-model, which is a sports package.

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