Calgary Transit

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Calgary Transit
CT U2 1.jpg
A Calgary Transit C-Train
Agency overview
Formed 1970
Preceding agency Calgary Transit System
Jurisdiction Calgary
Headquarters Calgary

Calgary Transit is Calgary's public transit system. It operates both buses and light-rail transit trains. Calgary Transit operates about 1,125 buses and trains, and serves Calgary's population of over 1 million.[1] Most Calgary Transit vehicles are designed with three stripes; one light blue, one blue and one dark blue. This design was changed in 2007 to red and grey.

C-Train[change | change source]

Heritage Station, one of Calgary's C-Train stations

The C-Train runs on two major routes in Calgary; the north-east route, and the north-west to south route. There are currently 39 stations,[2] 26 of which are major with heated areas.

There are three types of C-Train vehicles currently in service.[3]

Image Make Capacity Year(s) put into service Notes
Siemens U2 200 People 1980-1988 To be replaced by some Siemens S200s
Siemens SD160 Series 5/6 200 People 2001-2007 Old Design
Siemens SD160 Series 8 226 People 2010-2012 Updated Design
Siemens S200 Unknown 2015-2016 To be delivered in 2015

Buses[change | change source]

A new Calgary Transit bus

Calgary Transit currently runs over 160 bus routes, of which 86 are designated as "low access", and are accessible for those who need a wheelchair to move around. Calgary uses buses from four companies; Nova Bus, New Flyer Industries, General Motors Diesel Division and Motor Coach Industries. In 2004, Calgary Transit started a bus rapid transit service along future C-Train routes. The bus rapid transit routes have less stops than other routes, and use articulated buses as of 2007.

Fares[change | change source]

Below are the costs of using Calgary Transit as of March, 2011.[4]

Age group Cost per person Day pass cost Monthly pass cost Special pass cost
Children (Under 6 years old) Free N/A N/A N/A
Youth (6–18 years old) $1.75 $5.25 $56.25 N/A
Adult (18–65 years old) $2.75 $8.25 $90.00 N/A
Senior (65+ years old) $2.75 $8.25 $90.00 One year pass for 12 payments of $50.00

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