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Calgary Transit
ParentCity of Calgary,
Transportation Dept.
Founded1909 in its current form, 1884 to 1894 for the original Calgary Transit system.
Service areaCalgary, Alberta
Service typeBus and light rail
Stations45 LRT stations
Fleet1,101 buses
222 light rail vehicles[1]
Annual ridership106.5 million (2019)[1]
Fuel typeDiesel, Gasoline, and CNG for Bus, Electric (600 vdc) for LRT
DirectorDoug Morgan[2]
Web siteOfficial site

Calgary Transit is Calgary's public transit system. It operates both buses and light-rail transit trains. Calgary Transit operates about 1,125 buses and trains, and serves Calgary's population of over 1 million.[3] Most Calgary Transit vehicles are designed with three stripes; one light blue, one blue and one dark blue. This design was changed in 2007 to red and grey.

C-Train[change | change source]

Calgary Transit C-Train Car
Heritage Station, one of Calgary's C-Train stations

The C-Train runs on two major routes in Calgary; the north-east route, and the north-west to south route. There are currently 45 stations,[4] 26 of which are major with heated areas.

There are three types of C-Train vehicles currently in service.[5]

Image Make Capacity Year(s) put into service Notes
Siemens U2 200 People 1980-1988 To be replaced by some Siemens S200s
Siemens SD160 Series 5/6 200 People 2001-2007 Old Design
Siemens SD160 Series 8 226 People 2010-2012 Updated Design
Siemens S200 Unknown 2015-2016 To be delivered in 2015

Buses[change | change source]

A new Calgary Transit bus

Calgary Transit currently runs over 160 bus routes, of which 86 are designated as "low access", and are accessible for those who need a wheelchair to move around. Calgary uses buses from four companies; Nova Bus, New Flyer Industries, General Motors Diesel Division and Motor Coach Industries. In 2004, Calgary Transit started a bus rapid transit service along future C-Train routes. The bus rapid transit routes have less stops than other routes, and use articulated buses as of 2007.

Fares[change | change source]

Below are the costs of using Calgary Transit as of January 2020.[6]

Age group Cost per person Day pass cost Monthly pass cost Special pass cost
Children (Under 6 years old) Free N/A N/A N/A
Youth (6–18 years old) $2.40 $8.00 $79.00 N/A
Adult (18–65 years old) $3.50 $11.00 $109.00 N/A
Senior (65+ years old) $2.75 $8.25 $90.00 One year pass for 12 payments of $50.00

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