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Privately held company
Area served
Key people
Rodríguez Oyaneder (CEO)
Bernat Farrero (President)[1]

Camaloon is an e-commerce company based in Barcelona, Spain.[2] Camaloon is best known for printing services for Corporate Gifts , custom products & promotional merchandise.[3][4]

Services[change | change source]

Camaloon was founded in 2011 by the entrepreneurs Pere Rius and Bernat Farrero.[5][6] In 2011, Camaloon expanded their services and offered the sale of customized office supplies across all of Europe. In 2015, several partners including the Spanish bank "la Caixa", entered the capital of the company contributing around € 1 million to support its growth.[7] Camaloon has developed their technological tools and proprietary software for design and online sales. Camaloon also manufactured writing materials, vinyl stickers and customized apparel.[8]

In 2017, Juan Rodríguez Oyaneder joined as CEO, with Bernat Farrero becoming the President of Camaloon.[5] As of 2017, the company has raised €904K in Seed funding from Caixa Capital Risc.[9]

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