Can't Be Tamed

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Can't Be Tamed is the third album made by American recording Artist Miley Cyrus. The album has twelve songs including three singles.

Songs[change | change source]

  1. Liberty Walk
  2. Who Owns My Heart
  3. Can't Be Tamed
  4. Every Rose has Its Thorn
  5. Two More Lonely People
  6. Forgiveness and Love
  7. Permanent December
  8. Stay
  9. Scars
  10. Take Me Along
  11. Robot
  12. My Heart Beats For Love
  • The singles from the album are in bold.

Development and singles[change | change source]

"Can't Be Tamed" is Cyrus' first single. It was released May 18th 2010. "Can't Be Tamed" had good reviews from critics. The song peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, and reached its highest peak at number five on both the Irish Singles Chart and New Zealand Singles Chart. The music video is Cyrus performing with backup dancers throughout a museum. Cyrus is first trapped in a giant cage, being watched by people in the audience as they were trying to see the rare creature 'Adias Cyrus' she then escapes and trashes the museum. She has promoted "Can't Be Tamed" by performing it at several places, including a performance on Britain's Got Talent and the critics had negative ratings and reviews. The song is also a part of Cyrus' second world tour, Gypsy Heart Tour.

"Who Owns My Heart" is Cyrus' second single. It was released October 22, 2010. Cyrus described it as a "total dance track" with a cool idea. Cyrus' "Who Owns My Heart" is a club-oriented song that speaks of meeting a potential love on the dance floor. The song tries not to proceed to question, "Who owns my heart? Is it love or is it art?" Bill Lamb of thought that, despite its beat, the overall sound of "Who Owns My Heart" is faceless and dull. The video starts with Cyrus asleep, blindfolded on a mattress in a bedroom. She wakes up and shakes on the mattress. Following, Cyrus goes to a bathroom, her outfit is a white tank top, white boy shorts, a fishnet hair wrap, rollers, and heavy metal jewelry. While in the bathroom scenes, Cyrus sings as she sits on the edge of a bathtub and prepares herself for a party. When the chorus comes on, Cyrus appears shaking in the backseat of a limousine, costumed in a low-cut gold halter top, black hots pants, a black jacket with shoulder pads, and big hair. Once arrived at the mansion party, she is first seen dancing ontop of a big, wooden table. In continuing after, Cyrus dances with multiple people on the dance floor. Cut-scenes feature Cyrus in all prior scenes or dancing with others in the mansion's study. The video finishes with Cyrus back in her bedroom, once again waking up.

"Every Rose Has Its Thorn" is Cyrus' third single. It was a single on June 11th 2011. It was made by Poison in 1988. Miley's version is one minute and 29 seconds shorter than Poison's official song. Hollywood Records is due to release Cyrus' cover in June 2011, while a music video is in the works.