Canadian Tire

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Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited
Type Public
Industry Retail
When it was created 1922
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Website Official website

Canadian Tire is one of Canada's 35 largest publicly traded companies . Canadian Tire is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Canadian Tire has their own kind of money which distinguishes the company from other retailers in Canada.

Canadian Tire's slogans[change | change source]

A Canadian Tire store.
  • in the 1970s: "It's for people like you"
  • in the 1980s: "There is a lot more to Canadian Tire than tires"
  • 1992s: "There is a lot more for a lot less"
  • 1997: "Canadian Tire, still the right place"
  • Some Christmas seasons: "Give like Santa, save like Scrooge" and "Scrooge-Approved Prices"
  • 2001: "Let's Get Started"
  • 2006: "______ Starts at Canadian Tire" and the blank would be filled with various seasons or situations ("Home Improvement", "Spring Cleaning", "Car Care", Etc.).
  • 2008: "For Days Like Today"

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