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Cape Wrath

Coordinates: 58°37′N 5°00′W / 58.62°N 5.00°W / 58.62; -5.00
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Cape Wrath
Am Parbh  (Scottish Gaelic)
Cape Wrath from the sea
Map showing the location of Cape Wrath
Map showing the location of Cape Wrath
Location in Scotland
Coordinates58°37′N 5°00′W / 58.62°N 5.00°W / 58.62; -5.00

Cape Wrath is a cape in the Durness parish in Sutherland in the highland council area in northern Scotland. It is the most North-west piece of land on Great Britain.[1] A large part of the cape is owned by the MoD and used as a shooting range.[2]


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