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Temporal range: Eocene-recent
~42–0 Ma[1][2]
C. amblyrhynchos
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes
Order: Carcharhiniformes
Family: Carcharhinidae
Genus: Carcharhinus
Blainville 1816
Type species
Carcharias melanopterus
Quoy & Gaimard 1824
  • Aprionodon Gill 1861
  • Eulamia Gill 1862
  • Galeolamna Owen 1853
  • Gillisqualus Whitley 1934
  • Hypoprion Müller & Henle 1838
  • Platypodon Gill 1862
  • Pterolamiops Springer 1951
  • Uranga Whitley 1943

Carcharhinus is one of the 12 genera of the requiem shark family, Carcharhinidae.

Like all members of the family, they have round eyes, and the pectoral fins are completely behind the five gill slits. Most species are viviparous: the young are born fully developed.

Species[change | change source]

There are currently 34 known species of the Carcharhinus genus: [3]

References[change | change source]

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