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Cardiff Central railway station is a main train station in Cardiff, South Wales. It is on the South Wales Main Line.

It is the 11th busiest station in the United Kingdom, except for stations in London.[1]

The station is managed by Arriva Trains Wales. Arriva run services along with First Great Western and CrossCountry.

The station has a first class area, the only one in Wales.[2]

It opened as Cardiff, then Cardiff General in July 1924 and Cardiff Central in May 1973 to now.[3][4]

Plans[change | change source]

Cardiff Central and Cardiff Queen Street stations are going to be improved from June 2014 and April 2013. This is part of a £200-million idea to make room for more trains in Cardiff and surrounding areas, The Cardiff Area Signalling Renewal project is due to be finished by May 2015. It is funded by the Department for Transport, Assembly Government and Network Rail. The Assembly Government has given £7 million for the programme.

The stations will be alike in design. They will have slate panels, grey brickwork, pavilion-style roofs, large windows and stainless steel signs. Cardiff Central will have a new two-storey southern entrance and ticket hall. An eighth platform at Cardiff Central and a fourth at Cardiff Queen Street will be made. Once finished, there will be more trains running to the Valleys, from 12 per hour to 16 per hour.[5]

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