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Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi

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Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi
Born(1804-12-10)10 December 1804
Died18 February 1851(1851-02-18) (aged 46)
Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia
Alma materUniversity of Berlin (Ph.D., 1825)
Known forJacobi's elliptic functions[1][2]
Jacobian matrix and determinant[3]
Jacobi ellipsoid
Jacobi polynomials[4][5]
Jacobi transform
Jacobi operator
Hamilton–Jacobi equation
Popularizing the character ∂[6]
Scientific career
InstitutionsKönigsberg University
ThesisDisquisitiones Analyticae de Fractionibus Simplicibus (1825)
Doctoral advisorEnno Dirksen
Doctoral studentsPaul Gordan
Otto Hesse
Friedrich Julius Richelot

Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi (/əˈkbi/;[7] German: [jaˈkoːbi]; 10 December 1804 – 18 February 1851) was a German mathematician who contributed to elliptic functions, differential equations, determinants, and number theory. He was the first Jewish mathematician to be appointed professor at a German university.[8]

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