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Cartel de Santa

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Cartel de Santa
Background information
OriginSanta Catarina, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
GenresLatin hip hop
Gangsta rap
Rap metal
Rap rock
Years active1999–Present
LabelsSony Music
MembersMC Babo
Rowan Rabia (Mono)
DJ Agustín
Past member(s)Dharius
WebsiteOfficial site

Cartel de Santa is a Mexican hip hop group from Santa Catarina, Nuevo León. The group began its activities in 1996 under different names and members before taking its final name and alignment. The group is composed of the main vocalist Eduardo Dávalos De Luna (Babo) el and Román Rodríguez, better known as "Rowan" Rabia", Monoplug or simply Mono, Dharius was part of the group but it was separated from it in mid 2013. Cartel de Santa continues to be one of the most popular Mexican rap groups worldwide, it is also one of the groups of Spanish speaking best sellers of all time, achieving different certifications for their high sales.

History[change | change source]

The group rose to fame in 2003, releasing their first album titled "Cartel de Santa: Vol. I". The album included songs that became hits, such as: "Asesinos de Asesinos", "Cannabis Sativa", "La Pelotona", and "Todas mueren por mí". This album was produced by Jason Roberts, who has also produced for artists such as: Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, House of Pain, Control Machete and Plastilina Mosh That same year, Cartel de Santa, launched a musical video of the song "Perros", which was broadcast to Latin America by MTV. However, the most important album of his career was released a year later, in 2004, titled Cartel de Santa Vol. II, which included songs such as "Blah Blah Blah ", La Llamada", "Crónica Babilonia", "El Arte del Engaño" and "El Dolor del Micro" (featuring Julieta Venegas).

In 2006, Cartel de Santa recorded his third album, called Cartel de Santa, Vol. Prohibido that included the singles "Cheka Wey" (which also featured a music video); "Hey Si me Ven"; "Súbele A La Greibol"; "Mexico, Lindo Y Bandido" and "La Ranfla Del Cartel". A few months later, Babo was arrested for accidentally killing one of his friends, the state deemed him a qualified homicide. Because of this, the group released a compilation album Greatest Hits and some extra themes to raise funds and release the rapper from prison. Babo was released nine months later in January 2008.

In February of 2008, the band released their fourth album, which contains songs like "Babo Regresa", "Cosas de la vida", "De Mexico El Autentico", "Brillo Humillo", "Vato Sencillo", which narrate about the months that MC Babo was in prison, about how he killed his friend, and about the fact that they continued making music. The first single was "Hay Mamita"

Discography[change | change source]

Albums[change | change source]

  • Cartel de Santa (2002)
  • Vol.II (2004)
  • Volumen Prohibido (2006)
  • Vol.IV (2008)
  • Sincopa (2010)
  • Golpe Avisa (2014)
  • Viejo Marihuano (2016)

Compilations[change | change source]

  • Cartel de Santa, Casa Babilonia presentan: Los Mixtapes (2006)
  • Cartel de Santa, Greatest Hits (2007)
  • Casa Babilonia Records: Compilado (2008)
  • Casa Rifa: Demos (2009)
  • Sincopa 5.1 (2011)
  • Me Atizo Macizo Tour 2012, En vivo desde el D.F
  • Los Jefes (Soundtrack of the movie) (2015)