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Flight 27[1]
Tp 79 Hugin at F 8 Barkarby in 1951.
Incident summary
Date 13 June 1952
Summary Shot down
Place East of Gotska Sandön
58°23.522′N 20°17.460′E / 58.392033°N 20.291°E / 58.392033; 20.291Coordinates: 58°23.522′N 20°17.460′E / 58.392033°N 20.291°E / 58.392033; 20.291[2]
Passengers 0
Crew 8
Fatalities 8 (all)
Aircraft type DC-3A-360 Skytrain
Aircraft name Hugin [3][4]
Airline/user Swedish Air Force
Flew from Stockholm Bromma Airport
Stockholm, Sweden
Flying to Stockholm Bromma Airport
The Catalina shot down by Soviet forces while searching for the missing Hugin.
Incident summary
Date 16 June 1952
Summary Shot down
Place East of Gotska Sandön
Passengers 0
Crew 5
Fatalities 0
Aircraft type PBY-5 Catalina
Airline/user Swedish Air Force
Registration 19520616-1
Flew from F 2 Hägernäs[5]
near Stockholm, Sweden
Flying to F 2 Hägernäs[6]

The Catalina affair (Swedish: Catalinaaffären) was a military confrontation and diplomatic crisis in June 1952 between the USSR and Sweden. It was during the Cold War. Soviet fighter aeroplanes shot down two Swedish Air Force aeroplanes over the Baltic Sea. Both aircrafts were found in 2003.

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