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Category:CS1 errors: display-names

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This is a tracking category for CS1 citations that have malformed |display-<names>= parameters.

Invalid |<names>=<value>

These error messages are emitted when Module:Citation/CS1 identifies citations that use one or more of the |display-<names>= parameters with an invalid assigned <value>. An invalid assigned <value> is a number that is greater than or equal to the number of <names> in the associated name-list or it is non-numeric text that Module:Citation/CS1 cannot recognize as a form of the keyword etal.

To resolve this error, do one of the following:

  • Remove the |display-<names>= parameter from the citation (because "et al." is not appropriate in the citation)
  • Change the <value> of the |display-<names>= parameter such that it is less than the number of <names> in the name-list (thereby truncating the displayed list to the number)
  • Change the <value> of the |display-<names>= parameter to etal, which will cause "et al" to display after the last <name>.

Pages with this error are automatically placed in Category:CS1 errors: display-names.[a]

Notes[change | change source]

  1. Pages in the Book talk, Category talk, Draft talk, File talk, Help talk, MediaWiki talk, Module talk, Portal talk, Talk, Template talk, User, User talk, and Wikipedia talk namespaces are not included in the tracking categories. In addition, pages with names matching the patterns '/[Ss]andbox', '/[Tt]estcases', '/[^/]*[Ll]og', and '/[Aa]rchive' are not included in the tracking categories.

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