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Category:CS1 errors: script parameters

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This is a tracking category for cs1|2 templates that have malformed |script-<param>= parameters.

Invalid |script-<param>=: <type>

The various |script-<param>= parameters are checked for proper form. When an error is detected, the error message briefly identifies the type of the error:

missing title part – the |script-<param>= parameter has a language-code prefix but is otherwise empty
missing prefix – the |script-<param>= parameter has text but is missing the required language-code prefix; the prefix has the form xx: or xxx: where xx or xxx is a valid ISO 639-1 or ISO 639-3 language code known to CS1|2 as a language that uses a non-Latin script; the colon (:) is required
unknown language code – the |script-<param>= parameter has a (possibly valid) language code that CS1|2 does not recognize as a language using a non-Latin script

Language codes known to CS1|2 for languages that do not use a Latin script are:

  • ab: Abkhazian
  • am: Amharic
  • ar: Arabic
  • be: Belarusian
  • bg: Bulgarian
  • bn: Bengali
  • bo: Tibetan
  • bs: Bosnian
  • dv: Divehi
  • dz: Dzongkha
  • el: Greek
  • fa: Persian
  • gu: Gujarati
  • he: Hebrew
  • hi: Hindi
  • hy: Armenian
  • ja: Japanese
  • ka: Georgian
  • kk: Kazakh
  • km: Khmer
  • kn: Kannada
  • ko: Korean
  • ku: Kurdish
  • ky: Kyrgyz
  • lo: Lao
  • mk: Macedonian
  • ml: Malayalam
  • mn: Mongolian
  • mni: Manipuri
  • mr: Marathi
  • my: Burmese
  • ne: Nepali
  • or: Odia
  • ota: Ottoman Turkish
  • pa: Punjabi
  • ps: Pashto
  • ru: Russian
  • sd: Sindhi
  • si: Sinhala
  • sr: Serbian
  • syc: Classical Syriac
  • ta: Tamil
  • te: Telugu
  • tg: Tajik
  • th: Thai
  • ti: Tigrinya
  • tt: Tatar
  • ug: Uyghur
  • uk: Ukrainian
  • ur: Urdu
  • uz: Uzbek
  • yi: Yiddish
  • yue: Cantonese
  • zh: Chinese

Pages with this error are automatically placed in Category:CS1 errors: script parameters.[a]

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