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This is a hidden maintenance category for Template:Infobox ice hockey player. It includes articles where the infobox needs to be updated. Reasons include:

  • A: Players with death_date or death_place, but no career_end.
  • B: Players with past tense parameter (shot or caught), but no career_end. (NOTE: As of January 2012 these parameters were deprecated: shot should be replaced with shoots and caught should be replaced with catches. The template uses the past tense terms if a value is assigned to career_end.)
  • C: Players with team = Retired, but no career_end.
  • D: Players where the required parameter career_start is omitted or not defined. The infobox will display "{{{career_start}}} –present" if omitted and "–present" if not defined.
  • E: Players with former_teams, but no team. This prevents former_teams from being displayed. For retired or deceased players, use played_for instead of former_teams.

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