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Catherine Breillat

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Catherine Breillat (2014)

Catherine Breillat (born 13 July 1948)[1] is a French movie-maker and novelist.[2] She tries to normalize previously taboo subjects in cinema.

Breillat is known for movies that are about sexuality,[3] relationships between men and women,[4] intimacy and sibling rivalry. Her movies are part of the "New French Extremity", which uses violence and sexuality in shocking ways.[5]

Breillat was born in Bressuire, France.[6]

Filmography[change | change source]

Year English title Original title Notes
1975 Catherine & Co. Catherine et Compagnie Writer.
1976 A Real Young Girl Une Vraie Jeune Fille Based on Breillat's novel Le Soupirail. Banned after initial premiere, until 1999.
1979 Nocturnal Uproar Tapage nocturne
1987 Milan noir Writer.
1988 Virgin / Junior Size 36 36 Fillette Based on her novel.
1991 Dirty Like an Angel Sale comme un ange
1993 Couples et amants Couples et amants Co-Writer.
1996 Perfect Love Parfait amour!
1999 Romance Romance X
2001 Fat Girl À ma sœur!
2001 Brief Crossing Brève traversée
2002 Sex Is Comedy Sex Is Comedy
2004 Anatomy of Hell Anatomie de l’enfer Based on her novel Pornocratie.
2007 The Last Mistress (aka An Old Mistress) Une vieille maîtresse Based on the novel by Jules Amédée Barbey d'Aurevilly (1851). Entered into the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.[7]
2009 Bluebeard Barbe bleue Based on the tale by Charles Perrault.
2010 Sleeping Beauty La belle endormie Based on Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault.
2013 Abuse of Weakness Abus de faiblesse Based on her book of the same title.

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