Catholic Church in Portugal

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Catholic Church in Portugal
Portuguese: Igreja Católica em Portugal
Lisboa May 2013-1.jpg
Lisbon Cathedral Cathedral of Saint Mary Major, the seat of the Cardinal-Patriarch of Lisbon
TheologyCatholic theology
PrimateJorge Ortiga
Patriarch of LisbonManuel III
Apostolic NuncioIvo Scapolo
LanguagePortuguese, Latin
HeadquartersLisbon Cathedral
FounderSt. Peter of Rates
Origin44 A.D.
Lusitania, Roman Empire
Official websiteEpiscopal Conference of Portugal

The Portuguese Catholic Church is a Catholic Church in Portugal, they have communion with the Pope in Rome. The Catholic Church is the world's largest Christian organisation. Catholicity is Portugal's largest religion, it has existed since the Iberian Peninsula was ruled by the Roman Empire.

Statistics[change | change source]

There are around nine million baptised Catholics in Portugal, which is around 84% of the population.

Portugal have 20 dioceses, 2789 priests. Around 19% of the national population attend mass and take the sacraments regularly. In 2010, the average age of priests was 62.[1] In 2012, 88% of the Portuguese population considered themselves culturally Catholic in a survey sponsored by a Christian organization.[2]

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