Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
OriginUnited Kingdom
Height 12–13 inches (30–33 cm)
Weight 13–20–28 lb (5.9–9.1–12.7 kg)
Colour Blenheim, Black and Tan, Ruby, and Tri-Colour
Kennel club standards
The Kennel Club standard
FCI standard
Dog (domestic dog)

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small breed of dog of the spaniel type.[1] Unlike their larger spaniel cousins, they are not now used for hunting and are mostly kept as pets.[2]

History[change | change source]

These dogs were developed in England about 100 years ago and are closely related to their even smaller relation the King Charles Spaniels (known in the United States of America as Toy Spaniels). One of the main people involved in creating this breed was the British general and politician John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough.[3] They were developed to resemble dogs that were kept as pets and hunting dogs by many members of the royal family in England during the 16th century. King Charles II liked that breed, so this is how the dog was named.[4]

Colour[change | change source]

There are four different colours that this dog breed come in which are:[5]

  • Black and a brown colour called Tan in dogs.
  • Ruby, which is a dark red.
  • Blenheim, which is brown and white.
  • Tricolour, which is black, white with some tan markings.

Temperment[change | change source]

Cavaliers are usually happy dogs that like to stay very close to their human minders, they also like lots of exercise as they still keep some of their gundog family instincts.[2]

Health issues and lifespan[change | change source]

Cavaliers typically live about ten years. Heart problems are common in Cavaliers.

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