Cecilia Church

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Cecilia Church
DenominationRomanian Orthodox Church
Previous denominationChurch of Sweden

The Cecilia Church (Swedish: Ceciliakyrkan) a church building in Vilhelmsro outside the town of Jönköping in Sweden. It was built between 1880-1881 as a church for the Vilhelmsro Nursing Home. It is named after Ebba Ramsay's youth friend Cecilia Willerding. The church was opened in 1903 by Diocese of Växjö bishop Herman Lindström. It later under supervision by the Vicar of Jönköping. It was renovated in 1963. It later came under the Jönköping County Council. It was then, was transferred to municipal public housing Vätterhem. Vätterhem would sporadical rent it out for worship services, including weddings.[1]

In 2014 it was purchased by the Romanian Orthodox Church of Sweden.[2]

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