Cen Chunxuan

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Cen Chunxuan
Cen Chunxuan (1).jpg
Viceroy of Liangguang
In office
Preceded byTao Mo
Succeeded byZhou Fu
President of the Republic of China (Guangzhou military government)
In office
Preceded bySun Yat-Sen
Succeeded bySun Yat-Sen
Personal details
Xilin, Guangxi, China
Died27 April 1933 (aged 72–73)
Shanghai, China
Political partyNaval Jack of the Republic of China.svg Kuomintang (KMT)
ChildrenCen Deguang
Military service
AllegianceEmpire of China
National Revolutionary Army
Republic of China
Cen Chunxuan
Yunjie (courtesy name)
Traditional Chinese雲階
Simplified Chinese云阶

Cen Chunxuan (1861 – 27 April 1933) was a Zhuang Chinese politician who lived in the late Qing dynasty and Republic of China.[1][2] He wanted the Qing to become a monarchy based on a constitution (written set of laws). Empress Dowager Cixi supported him. He was a governor of Guangdong and became a warlord during the ROC but then Sun Yat-sen's government replaced his.

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