Central Collegiate Hockey Association

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Ferris State University playing hockey against the University of Michigan

The Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) is a group of colleges and universities, mostly in the Midwestern United States plus one in Alaska, who play NCAA Division I hockey against one another every season. The conference only sponsors men's hockey—only one of the CCHA's 11 members has a varsity women's hockey team, namely Ohio State. The champion is automatically invited to the NCAA Division I men's hockey tournament.

The current CCHA members are:

The conference will disband after the 2012–13 season. Its current members will scatter among other conferences. Five of these schools will join the Western Collegiate Hockey Association. Three more schools are members of the Big Ten Conference, which will start a men's hockey league in the 2013–14 season. Two will join the new National Collegiate Hockey Conference. Notre Dame will join Hockey East.

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