Central Region, Singapore

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The Central Region of Singapore has the Central Area and 11 other planning areas as part of it.

The Central Region of Singapore is also known as the south of Singapore. It is a place where most commercial buildings are in.[1] The Istana is also found in this area.

History[change | change source]

When Sir Stamford Raffles first arrived in Singapore in 1819, he signed a treaty with Tengku Abdul Rahman (the local Sultan) and Tengku Hussein (the Temmengong which became Sultan since he was the elder brother). The Sultan and Temmengong were paid money for allowing the British to set up a port in Singapore.

The British were given the southern part of Singapore to develop. Therefore, it was also recognised as the Central Region of Singapore, or also called Central Business District.

Size[change | change source]

The Central Region of Singapore starts from the harbour all the way to Bishan as the north, Queenstown as the west and Marine Parade as the east. In total, it takes up 13,150 hectares of land area.[2]

The Southern Islands are also part of the Central Region of Singapore.

11 planning areas[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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