Central Region (Eritrea)

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Central Region
إقليم المركزية         ዞባ ማእከል
Iqlim al-Merkezhia      Zoba Maekel
Regione Centrale
Central Region in Eritrea
Central Region in Eritrea
Country Eritrea
 • Total1,300 km2 (500 sq mi)
 • Total1,053,254
 • Density810/km2 (2,100/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeER-MA

Central Region is an administrative region (or zoba) in central Eritrea.[1] The capital is Asmara, which is also the capital of Eritrea.[2] The region was formed on 15 April 1996. It is also known as the Ma'ekel or Maakel Region.

The region is divided into subregions:

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Coordinates: 15°20′N 38°55′E / 15.333°N 38.917°E / 15.333; 38.917